Deborah Boily

Deborah Boily: French Collectiondeux

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Artist: Deborah Boily

Artist: Deborah Boily
Title: French Collectiondeux

This CD is a companion to 'A French Collection' which debuted in 2000. French Collection Deux continues the exploration of French Popular song and introduces the listener to the beautiful and dramatic songs of Serge Lama and Michel Jonasz. Two less well known but lovely Jacques Brel songs are featured here and a delightful discovery of the favorite song 'I Dreamed a Dream' from 'Les Miserable' sung here in French. This album has a classical feel and creates a wonderful mood of being in a French Bistro hearing the great popular and well loved artists that France ever produced. There are translations of many of the songs to enable the listener to feel more connected to the material. This is definately NOT a one time listen!!!

1.1 Prologue a Lama/Tout Seul
1.2 Voir Un Ami Pleurer
1.3 Changez Tout
1.4 La Ville Inconnue
1.5 L'enfant Au Piano
1.6 Le Dernier Baiser
1.7 Le Prochain Amour
1.8 La Vie Lilas/J'avais Reve
1.9 Si Les Bateaux
1.10 Je Voulais Te Dire Que Je T'attends
1.11 Au Creux de Mon Epaule
1.12 Sixties Medley: A Present Tu Peux T'en Aller (I Only Wanna Be with You)/ Le Monde (You're My World)/C'est Ma Fete (It's My Party and I'll Cry If I Want to)

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