Debra Alt

Debra Alt: In Broad Daylight

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Debra Alt

Title: In Broad Daylight
Label: CD Baby

For those of you who don\'t know me, I\'m a singer-songwriter, originally from New York City and now living in Connecticut. My main claim to fame, though, is that I was the lead singer for the Rolling Stone Magazine house band in 1979. Don\'t bother doing the math; everyone says I look way younger than my age... I\'ve been singing for as long as I can remember. I still love to perform, but songwriting is my passion now. My first CD, \'A Spirited Mother\', started as a collection of lullabies and became my effort to capture the feeling of authenticity for my daughter. My new CD has been described as mixture of \'Cause\' and \'Just Because\' music. Fun love songs (\'Wild & Sweet\' and \'Carried Away\') mixed with songs about autism (\'Voice for Sam\'), adoption (\'In the Most Important Way\'), and surviving cancer (\'Each Moment We\'re Alive\'). My journey has aimed for the higher ground but has sometimes run me through the weeds. Still, I\'ve struggled to be faithful to what is True, even when the light of consciousness flashes painfully bright. \'In Broad Daylight\' was released in August 2008. Now I can say, \'I\'m on tour.\'

1.1 Each Moment We're Alive
1.2 Wild and Sweet
1.3 To Find You Now
1.4 Voice for Sam
1.5 How I Wish You Could See
1.6 Carried Away
1.7 I Keep Coming Back to You
1.8 Son of a Gun
1.9 Who We Are
1.10 Tug of War
1.11 In the Most Important Way
1.12 Looking for a Conscious Cowboy
1.13 The Love and Long Run

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