Debra Cross Wendells & Barbara Chapman

Debra Cross Wendells & Barbara Chapman: Dream Sweet Dreams

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Artist: Debra Cross Wendells & Barbara Chapman
Title: Dream Sweet Dreams

For over 18 years, Debra Wendells Cross and Barbara Chapman have delighted audiences with their signature sound of lyrical beauty. DREAM SWEET DREAMS is their 4th duo recording. The recording features cradle-song classics by Brahms, Mendelssohn, Satie, Schumann and Tschaikovsky. With a special interest in American repertoire, Cross and Chapman have discovered and recorded rarely-heard pieces from 19th century Americana, as well as beloved pieces by Stephen Foster. They offer their own arrangements of traditional lullabies from around the world. DREAM SWEET DREAMS is a gift of tranquility for the hurried world. Intended as gentle, comforting music for all ages, DREAM SWEET DREAMS also provides an introduction to classical music for children. Since time began, children have been comforted by the loving gift of a cradle song. All will delight in the beauty and simplicity of traditional lullabies from around the world. Step back from a busy day and relax to the beloved melodies of Stephen Foster and other charming tunes of 19th century Americana. You are invited to enter a world of serenity and restful sleep. The masters of classical music have long been drawn to the gentle lyricism of a lullaby. Hear a Weigenlied, Rêverie, Schlummerlied or Berceuse and the message is the same...........DREAM SWEET DREAMS.

1.1 Beautiful Dreamer
1.2 Dreaming/White Wings
1.3 The Fairy's Lullaby
1.4 Album Leaves, Op. 124: No. 16, Schlummerlied
1.5 Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair
1.6 Sleep Robin Sleep
1.7 Album for Children, Op.39: No. 21, Douce Rêverie (Sweet Dream)
1.8 First Gymnopédie
1.9 Lulle Lullay/All the Pretty Little Horses
1.10 Thy Holy Wings/Children of the Heavenly Father
1.11 Dutch Children's Songs
1.12 Welsh Lullabies
1.13 Celtic Lullabies
1.14 Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15: No. 7, Träumerie
1.15 Berceuse de Joceyln
1.16 Songs Without Words, Op. 85: No. 1, Rêverie
1.17 German Lullaby/ Op. 49, No. 4, Weigenlied

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