Decembre Noir

Decembre Noir: Autumn Kings

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Artist: Decembre Noir

Artist: Decembre Noir
Title: Autumn Kings
Product Type: VINYL LP

DÉCEMBRE NOIR have introduced their melancholic-melodic mix of Death and Doom Metal on the two albums for F.D.A. Rekotz - "A Discouraged Believer" and "Forsaken Earth". With "Autumn Kings", the band is further evolving it's distinctive sound. The quintet from Erfurt is interested in subtly growing tension arcs and atmospheric shifts. Feelings of powerlessness or sudden fright are each integrated into a pleasing sounding context. Nevertheless, the songs doesn't lack hardness or complexity. The playing of DÉCEMBRE NOIR, however, should not be fathomed out too much. Listeners should simply let it have it's effect on them - without expectations. If they do so, the positive surprise is all the greater.

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