Decoy: Nothing to Lose

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Artist: Decoy

Artist: Decoy
Title: Nothing to Lose

Decoy creates it's own unique sound from an eclectic mix of influences, building a live show that gets everyone in the audience dancing and singing along. The vocals are set by Chris Ranallo and Brian Herrin, whose eclectic and soulful harmonies are mind-blowing, to say the least. After listening to the catchy melodies you'll find yourself humming along and craving more! Chris also rocks an acoustic guitar with a jazz/funk styling unlike anything ever heard before. Brian does double duty, masterfully playing the keyboards and being the cement that holds this musical wall together. On lead guitar, Micah Wagner makes the message ring through with huge blues/rock infused guitar solos. William Fix Brown II lays down the low end on bass guitar with his solid groove and straight forward skill. And finally, Jon Rosmann on drums is always displaying his explosive, yet refined, drumming style.

1.1 Travelin'
1.2 All This Time
1.3 Come Back to Life
1.4 Decoy
1.5 It Goes Like This
1.6 Wait
1.7 True
1.8 Light in Her Eyes
1.9 Fishbowl

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