Dede Moffett Murcer

Dede Moffett Murcer: I Believe

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Artist: Dede Moffett Murcer
Title: I Believe

DeDe's powerful vocals combined with her soul's interpretation make this album a top pick for those seeking not only entertainment but an uplifting journey. After a long pause from singing DeDe's passion for entertaining and performing was ignited again in 2007 as she let go of a 24 year addiction to alcohol. DeDe's fear that too much time had passed by and the abuse from alcohol had deteriorated the gift of singing that had come so effortlessly for her throughout high school and college. After meeting and falling in love with her husband she recorded a song for their wedding in 2007. The overwhelming response to her song and the encouragement from her husband provided the courage and belief DeDe needed to once again believe in herself and move in the direction of her dream, recording an album. Today DeDe uses her witty professional speaking and her moving and powerful singing to deliver a message of hope and transformation to all ages. DeDe is also the founder and CEO of 'Snap Out of It' community which includes an online popular talk show called 'Snap Out of It' a radio network called the 'Snap Out of It' Radio Network and the 'Snap Out of it' women's community where she helps women let go of limiting beliefs and regain their power to live the life of their dreams. DeDe performs around the country singing and speaking and truly knows the power of love, hope and shifting of beliefs! Here is what others are saying: DeDe is vibrant onstage as well as off. Her energy and enthusiasm seeps into the soul of those around her. DeDe has a special that is beautiful, yet strong, but always makes you want more. DeDe's music is incredible. Her passion, endless...she is a true artist. Kelly Burleson CEO Chameleon Marketing, Oklahoma City. I sat down to listen to the Snap Out of it, Women! Talk show and I was BLOWN away! You ROCK! I loved it. There was just the right balance of seriousness with levity. Your guest was great; informative and entertaining. DeDe, you're a marvelous host as always, because you don't allow your guests to "dangle" trying to come up with something to say. Bonnie Bolin Peterson CEO Intentions in Motion - McKinney Texas My inspiration for buying the CD was 'In This Very Room'. When you sang it, you just blew me away!!!! However, I have enjoyed the whole CD all weekend and introduced it to my sister. Your song 'Anyway' ---- Wow!! You are love and light! I wait for you to sing at the church again. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Blessings and Peace, Jimmie Gibbons Chaplain Unity Greenville Church - Dallas Texas I wanted to thank you for your CD that I purchased at the 'Snap Out of It Meeting'. I am going through a trying time and it has helped me SO MUCH!! Love, light, & joy, Niesje- Dallas Texas 'Thank you DeDe! Your voice is awesome! And you truly struck a nerve that had been hiding beneath for many years. It has been in the works for a good many years and it's gonna come to the surface and be eliminated. I look forward to your next meet up! :)' Carol Ann-Snap Out of It Girl - Dallas Texas 'I can't thank you enough for all of your help DeDe, and I really enjoyed being a guest on your 'Snap Out of It' radio show last week. You made the interview flow so well." Dr. Bill Path - Author of Moments of Forever WOW! Every time I listen to you I get chills, but these just simply blow me away! I was playing 'Leading with your Heart' at my desk this morning, and Jim came out of his office and said, 'A little Barbara Streisand?' That about sums it up, I think! These are wonderful! Lori Bedford -Gerald Gamble Co. - OKC My 'interview' on DeDe's Snap Out of It Show was such a pleasure, the conversation evolving and improvised out of our great meeting-of-the-minds from both of us being performers. Our effortless hour together felt more like we were chatting over coffee in a relaxed café. The discussion coming from that fertile ground was unique compared to that of other interviews I've had. Exchanges on this level are my highest priority, both when performing and when sharing and presenting ideas and inspiration. We were a really great energy match. Elli Fordyce - Recording Artist NYC This past May I was a guest on two of DeDe Murcer Moffett's Snap Out of It show. My new book, My Mother, My Mirror, highlights how a mother's self-image distortions are passed on unwittingly to daughters. DeDe found creative ways to segue from topics like that to others that highlighted the theme. I viewed her as a warm and knowledgeable host whose sincerity came through. Her openness about herself enlivened the show and brought the best out in me. Dr. Laura Arens Fuerstein Author of My Mother, My Mirror DeDe. Wanted to let you know I love the CD! My daughter Carley loves it too. She had me play it while she was in bed last night. I love your spirit and your energy. You keep going girl!! Elaine Torres -Braewood Companies - Dallas Texas DeDe, Your performance at the EWI dinner was outstanding. You had the audience in the palm of your hand. Thank you for entertaining us and sharing your powerful message. David Thompson President of Communications Group & Publisher of The Oklahoman 'DeDe's performance for the EWI Oklahoma Executives Night event was delightful! Her beautiful voice was just a small piece of the gift of sprit, strength and inspiration that she gave to each of us that evening to take away and to remember her by.' Suzanne Mickel, CMP/Director of Special Events Oklahoma Heritage Association Gaylord-Pickens Oklahoma Heritage Museum -OKC Thank you for making the evening at the EWI event Special. You have touched each of our lives and we are all richer for it. In addition to what you have done for the FMCLUB ladies, you have reached out to our friends. . We appreciate you more than you know. Carol Lane, Sr. Vice President/Administration & Human Resources Express Employment Professionals You just feel great when you're in DeDe's presence! The twinkle in her eyes, infectious smile, an upbeat "can-do" spirit, and a 'voice from heaven' make her a standout at any event. Rhonda Hooper - President/CEO, Jordan Associates Advertising/Communications 'As President of the Oklahoma City Chapter of EWI, an international organization composed of top companies across the nation, it was my pleasure to recently present DeDe Murcer Moffett as the emcee/entertainer for our most prestigious monthly meeting, Executives' Night, this past September. We devote an evening each year to honor the executives of our member companies for their support throughout the year in helping us accomplish the business and philanthropic goals of our organization, and this formal event is one on which we place special emphasis as we honor the company leaders that contribute so much to our Chapter and our local community. DeDe was the perfect celebrity for this event as she professionally handled the entire evening from start to finish. Her public speaking skills are polished; her musical talents are fabulous, and she was a perfect fit for our formal affair. ' Ann McVey, 2008/2009 President, Oklahoma City Chapter, EWI I got the CD today and I LOVE IT!!!! I have been listening to it all day in the car and in the house. I am going to buy one for a relative of mine who has a music degree and send it to her as a gift. She will love it. Becky Hix/ Event Photographer - Texas.

1.1 Colors of the Wind
1.2 Almost Like Being in Love
1.3 Love's Divine
1.4 When You Believe
1.5 I'm Afraid It Must Be Love
1.6 Somewhere Over the Rainbow
1.7 I Believe
1.8 In This Very Room
1.9 Leading with Your Heart
1.10 Anyway

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