'Dee Dee' Diane Lorraine Fisher

'Dee Dee' Diane Lorraine Fisher: We Aint Done Yet

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Artist: 'Dee Dee' Diane Lorraine Fisher
Title: We Aint Done Yet

1.1 City Girl with a Country Heart
1.2 Misunderstood Silence
1.3 Nothin's Like It Used to Be
1.4 You Can Bend But You Can't Break Me
1.5 Dearly I Do
1.6 What Goes Around Comes Around
1.7 That Ain't Right (Original)
1.8 20$
1.9 I Ain't Gonna Be There No More
1.10 That Ain't Right (Ballad)
1.11 Until We Die
1.12 Sixteen Acres
1.13 First Day
1.14 Call on Me
1.15 Don't Walk Away
1.16 We Ain't Done Yet

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