Deems Taylor

Deems Taylor: Lost Music of Deems Taylor 1

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Artist: Deems Taylor

Artist: Deems Taylor
Title: Lost Music of Deems Taylor 1

Deems Taylor (1885-1966) was an American composer, author, and music critic. Perhaps the 'most influential music critic in American history', he was the first American composer to have an opera commissioned by the Metropolitan Opera, The King's Henchman. This was so successful they commissioned a second opera - Peter Ibbetson. The number of Metropolitan Opera performances for both these operas is greater than any opera of any other American composer. Much of the music on this CD was discovered in the papers of his daughter, Joan Kennedy Taylor, after her death in 2005. Included are eleven songs, 3 short piano pieces, and one long piece for two pianos - a heretofore unrecorded arrangement of his most played orchestral piece, Through the Looking Glass Suite. Included in the notes to the CD is a copy of a note that Rachmaninoff wrote to Taylor after hearing Through the Looking Glass Suite performed in 1924. Deems Taylor was extremely well known in his day - he was the first composer to appear on the cover of TIME magazine, in 1931, and his radio commentaries commanded a national audience of 9 million listeners at their peak. He became more well known as a music critic, writing several best selling collections of essays, but composing was his true calling, and I am happy to bring some of his heretofore undiscovered music to light.

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