Deep3: Blueprint 2 Love

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Deep3

Title: Blueprint 2 Love
Label: CD Baby

DEEP3 is a male R&B vocal group who is beginning to make a lot of noise in the Ohio area. Deep3, consist of three young men whose blend of harmony will surely allow for a long career in the entertainment industry. Dion'tae, Percy and Johnte' will make you believe they've been in the business for many years because of their ability to capture and hold an audience. They are charming, sophisticated & dynamite when it comes to taking over the stage and demanding their audience attention. The boys all graduated from the Cleveland School of Arts and are committed becoming a force in the music industry. Dion'tae is a Capricorn, Johnte' is a Libra and Percy is a Aries. The group blends entertaining high energy choreography, with smooth harmonic vocals. This combination provides for one explosive professional entertainment package. This exciting talented young group combines up-tempo dance tracks, love ballads along with melodic acapella songs. Their professional approach to their music is evident in their stage show, which gives the audience everything that they want and more from a vocal group. Deep3's CD album 'Blueprint 2 Love' features songs that give their audience a direct blueprint plan to get your bumpin' and freak on! The CD contains songs such as Love Doctor, Turn It On, U Like It, Put it on ya, Angel 4 me, Yo Body and more! The group is the official group for the Sounds of Safety School Tour with the City Council of Cleveland, Ohio. Deep3 performed on BET's 106 and Park W.O.W. and was the first group from Ohio to win their talent competition. Deep3 won the competition for MTV's Next Top Pop Group held in Chicago, IL Aug. 08 for a reality show produced for MTV. Deep3 has open up for acts such as Chamillionaire, Souja Boy, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Avant, Mike Jones, Enchantment, Men at Large, The Floaters and has performed at as special guest at the 2006 American Idol in Los Angeles, CA, appeared on LATV and the Independent Video Show from Los Angeles CA. The Universoul Circus in Chicago Il and Cleveland, OH, The group has a stay in school program and has performed at 50 Schools including Cleveland Heights High, George Washington High in Ingelwood, Ca., Carl Schuler Middle School and a more! Performances also include: The IX Center, Tower City, Gund Arena The Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, The Glenville Festival, Luke Easter Park, KidsFest Twinsburgh, OH Lake Erie College, TRI-C College National Anthem with the Cleveland Cavaliers & more! So if you have a Deep heart, Deep soul and a Deep love for fantastic young men and music then Deep3 is just what you're looking for. For more info contact us at 216.518.1740 or email us at:

1.1 Blueprint
1.2 Shorty, Shorty
1.3 Turn It on
1.4 Put It on Ya
1.5 Love Doctor
1.6 U Like It
1.7 Baby Stay
1.8 Oh Why
1.9 Nothin' 2 Somethin'
1.10 Good Love
1.11 Angel 4 Me
1.12 Yo Body

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