Deep End of the Ford: An Tain

Deep End of the Ford: An Tain
Title: An Tain
Label: CD Baby

'Lorcan MacMathuna gathers from the air something which is older than the Tain - ageless, primaeval and haunting. He has caught and manifest for us a sound which is fundamental; which has existed since men and women first sang - sang to express what they felt and what they knew to be true. It is the music of mythology - all the cadences of history and prehistory residing in one man's voice. It calls to the soul. And the soul answers. And we are privileged to listen and to hear in our own blood and in the fibres of our understanding.' -KATE NEWMAN; poet and publisher Lorcán Mac Mathúna's 'Deep End of the Ford' present the greatest Celtic Myth ever told, An Táin, with a modern soundscape which reflects the epic encounters of this Celtic classic. Stirring, deep, exciting, evocative, and titanic in places, An Táin has never been told in the modern age with such authenticity. The lyrics of this dramatic album are taken directly from a medieval Gaelic manuscript and sang in the language they were once spoken in over two thousand years ago. A culture-shaping epic of few parallels, which has echoed relevant and contemporary lessons throughout over two millennia, An Táin has a place amongst the epic myths of the world. Set in a time of tribal allegiances, An Táin mobilises the peoples of the entire territories of Ireland in an epic tale of greed, ambition, political manoeuvring, deceit, and heroism. The driving force of the tale is the ambitious and ruthless Meadhbh, whose thirst for supremacy and wealth; represented in the pastoral Iron-Age society of Ireland by a prize bull; drags the tribes of Ireland into a bloody conflict. Foremost in the slaying and gore that mounts on the Táin is Cú Chulainn, whose superhuman feats thwart Meadhbh's ambition repeatedly. The conflict of these two implacable nemeses draws the tribal nations of Ireland into a shared fate and a shared story. An Táin, with it's epic scale of heroism, bloodshed, and involvement, has justly been called the Irish Iliad. Deep End of The Ford are an experimental improvising compositional collective made of: Lorcán Mac Mathúna (voice); Seán Mac Erlaine (bass clarinet, saxiphone, electronics); Martin Tourish (piano accordion); Eoghan Neff (fiddle and looping station); Flaithrí Neff (uileann pipes, low whistles)

1.1 The Pillow Talk
1.2 The Prophesy of Fidelm
1.3 The Slighting of CÚ Chulainn
1.4 CÚ Chulainn's Sleep
1.5 The Sorcerous Distortions
1.6 Dínseanachas
1.7 The Manipulation of Ferdia
1.8 Caoineadh Fherdia
1.9 The Cries of Sualtaim's Head (Scread Ceann Sualtaim)
1.10 The Rut and Carnage

Deep End of the Ford: An Tain

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