Deepchild: Departure

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Deepchild

Artist: Deepchild
Title: Departure

2008 release from one of Australia's most respected Electronic/Dance artists with a strong national following and international profile. There's consensus on the dancefloors that there's something infectious and downright sexy about Deepchild's forward-thinking aesthetic. Dub, Soul, Hip Hop, Minimal Techno and Freaked-Out Post-Disco are all thrown into an eclectic mix that is both warm and cutting edge at the same time. Add to his credentials a growing list of remixes with international artists and Deepchild's rep as a heavyweight international contender is well solidified. 10 tracks. 2008..

1.1 Departure
1.2 Fractures
1.3 Nicoteen Fudge
1.4 Pretty
1.5 Norwegian Calculus
1.6 Burst Appendix
1.7 Evil Bride of Deepchild
1.8 Triplets
1.9 You
1.10 Droid Musik Ft. Diddy 4000

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