Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity

Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity
Title: Friend Opportunity
Label: Kill Rock Stars

There's a symphonic conception at work here, entire worlds within chords, genius hooks that that may or may not swing by again, a programmatic, narrative flow that takes US from one place and drops US off in another, like an exhilarating abduction. Just as importantly, you can hear how the band took a little something from each of the band's they'd toured with - Radiohead, the Roots, and Wilco - though they don't sound like any of them. FRIENDLY OPPURTUNITY is a feat of reinvention that could only come from artists willing to rethink everything.

1.1 The Perfect Me
1.2 + 81
1.3 Believe E.S.P
1.4 The Galaxist
1.5 Choco Fight
1.6 Whither the Invisible Birds?
1.7 Cast Off Crown
1.8 Kidz Are So Small
1.9 Matchbook Seeks Maniac
1.10 Look Away

Deerhoof: Friend Opportunity

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