Defeated Sanity

Defeated Sanity: Prelude To The Tragedy

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Defeated Sanity

Title: Prelude To The Tragedy
Label: Xenokorp
Product Type: VINYL LP

Preceded by a 3-track EP by the same title in March of 2004 on Grindethic Records from UK, the album, released in November of the same year by the same label, got remastered and reissued in 2011, still through Grindethic Records, but never got a vinyl release... until now! Carefully remastered specifically for vinyl at the Conkrete studio (ANATA, MERCYLESS, OTARGOS...) with the agreement of the band, coming with detailed liner notes by founding member Lille Gruber and with two bonus tracks, this first release of the XENOKORP Kvlt Series is not only paying homage to a release that's one of the landmarks and blueprints of today's technical / brutal Death Metal scene but also respectfully upgrades it to a whole new level of intensity and brutality!

1.1 Liquifying Cerebral Hemispheres
1.2 Drifting Further
1.3 The Parasite
1.4 Horrid Decomposition
1.5 Tortured Existence
1.6 Apocalypse of Filth / Collapsing Human Failures
1.7 Remnants of the Deed
1.8 Prelude to the Tragedy
1.9 Expectoration of Fear
1.10 Drifting Further [2002 Demo Version]
1.11 Apocalypse of Filth / Collapsing Human Failures

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