Defecation: Intention Surpassed [Remastered] [Digipak] [Limited Edition] [Gold Disc]

Defecation: Intention Surpassed [Remastered] [Digipak] [Limited Edition] [Gold Disc]
Title: Intention Surpassed [Remastered] [Digipak] [Limited Edition] [Gold Disc]
Label: Metal Mind

Defecation needed just one release to become a legend among the grindcore community. "Purity Dilution" landed like an atom bomb on unsuspecting minds, opening a new chapter in extreme music. Fourteen years later Defecation returned to glory with the follow-up album "Intention Surpassed", which was yet another masterpiece of sick and brutal sounds. Now, with the exclusive re-release "Intention Surpassed", you can once again witness the power of true destruction. This time it was completely a one-man effort: Mitch Harris did all the guitars, bass, drums, vocals and lyrics. He knew that it wasn't easy to create a worthy successor to the spectacular debut album, but eventually the risk paid off and "Intention Surpassed" proved to be a valuable addition to the legacy Defecation. New digipak edition is limited to numerated 2000 copies. Digitally remastered using 24-Bit process on golden disc

1.1 Continuum
1.2 Worldly Whys
1.3 Fibre Optical Illusion
1.4 Fever Pitch
1.5 2/3 Pure
1.6 Under Surveilance
1.7 Cryonically Preserved
1.8 Overself
1.9 Protective Rage
1.10 Granted Wish
1.11 Shortfall
1.12 Incline
1.13 Time Folding Machine

Defecation: Intention Surpassed [Remastered] [Digipak] [Limited Edition] [Gold Disc]

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