Delaneys: Go Alone

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Delaneys

Title: Go Alone
Label: CD Baby

The Delaneys release their second studio album with a new sound that bites harder than anything they've attempted before. Perhaps the addition of Brad Meredith of Gutterfly, Brian Steff of Mushcup, and Michael Sill of Exit 11 had something to do with it. This new batch of tunes goes slightly harder than most pop and slightly more radio friendly than metal. Influences of Fuel, Pearl Jam, and the Foo Fighters can be heard throughout this ten-song disc that also includes an acoustic power-ballad laced with violins, 'Radio Song,' and a surprise country song, 'Dixie Blood,' that could have been pulled straight from the pages of Kid Rock. Produced by Chris Lohr formerly of Brownie Mary and currently The Yards, this disc takes the listener through a blistering set of fresh new rock that is often hard to come by.

1.1 Hold Me Down
1.2 Bleed
1.3 Last June
1.4 Over Me
1.5 Time
1.6 Run
1.7 Radio Song
1.8 Tradeback
1.9 Wake Up
1.10 Dixie Blood

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