Delaneys: On Tap

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Delaneys

Title: On Tap
Label: CD Baby

Modern rock band with guitar driven rockers and at times acoustic sensitivity. This debut CD is seven years in the making. A few of the songs that made the final cut were written while the guys were in high school. After years of playing one-off shows, the Delaneys are becoming well-known in the Pittsburgh area. They have shared the stage with fellow 'burgh rockers such as The Clarks and Buzz Poets. In fact, the Poets' lead singer Tripper recorded, mixed, and mastered this disc at their personal studio. Try a dose of this CD and soon you'll be asking your local bartender, 'Hey, you got any Delaneys on tap?'

1.1 Intro
1.2 Long Way Home
1.3 River Blues
1.4 Who's to Blame?
1.5 Night Before
1.6 Beasthead
1.7 Busted
1.8 Changes
1.9 Out of My Mind
1.10 Call My Name
1.11 Aftermath
1.12 Song for Amy

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