Delicious Pastries

Delicious Pastries: Pretty Please

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Product Type: CD

Artist: Delicious Pastries
Title: Pretty Please

Delicious Pastries is jesse ley, jonathan chamberlain, burr settles, jacob eisenstein with chris dyer (cello, tracks 3 and 7) and nathan schneider (violin, track 3) and dustin walsh (tambourine, track 2). pretty please was recorded between august 2010 and november 2011 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Songs arranged and produced by Delicious Pastries. Sessions engineered by josh kretzmer, burr settles, and jesse ley. Mixed by derek white, Pittsburgh, pa. mastered by garrett haines at treelady studios, Pittsburgh, pa. all rights reserved © 2011.

1.1 Safe ; Sound
1.2 Dad
1.3 International Tanlines
1.4 Something Else!
1.5 Metaphors
1.6 Birthday Fever
1.7 Marian

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