Delta Burnett Reed

Delta Burnett Reed: Children of the Mist

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Artist: Delta Burnett Reed
Title: Children of the Mist

This is my newest CD that is full of the love, war, and the trials that the Scots, Irish, and some times the English, had to endure. I found poems that begged to be put to music, and traditional songs that had wonderful stories to tell, and I do love to sing a good story. If you can get lost in the telling I think you will find this CD to your liking. ....... I remain Delta Burnett Reed Ferenbaugh.

1.1 Who Is a Scot
1.2 A Maiden's Lament
1.3 Ye Jacobites By Name
1.4 The Selkie
1.5 Scottish Moon Over Dunfermline
1.6 Crooked Jack
1.7 Whistling Gypsy Rover
1.8 Such a Parcel of Rogues
1.9 An Emigrant's Daughter
1.10 Smile in Your Sleep {Hush Hush} Chi Mi Na Mor-Bheanna {The Mist Covered Mountains of Home}
1.11 Twa Corbies
1.12 Remember Me
1.13 Loch Lomond

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