Demitri: Beyond the Skies

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Demitri

Title: Beyond the Skies
Label: CD Baby

'DeMitri' delves into sonic realms and poetic fantasies to culminate an album of ambience and punk rock. Singer/songwiter/guitarist /pianist 'DeMitri' shows his creative magic of music composition and rock flare to bring together haunting melodies that will stand the test of time. Drums : Khalil Hebert - Guitar/Vocals/Piano : DeMitri from the band the 'Z Many Life' Produced by DeMitri and Andrew Bush recorded at Grandmas Warehouse LA and The 'Z MANY LIFE' Recording Studios Hollywood.

1.1 Beyond the Skies
1.2 The Black Athena
1.3 Halfway Dead
1.4 They Paid Me to Watch You
1.5 The Cereberal Labyrinth
1.6 Phantom Rivers
1.7 After Glow
1.8 Brothers
1.9 What You Could Have Been
1.10 Unicorn Eclipse

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