Demos: Your Girl Has Fun Without You

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Demos

Title: Your Girl Has Fun Without You
Label: CD Baby

'The textured harmonies and pop sunshine on The DeMos' new CD, 'Your Girl Has Fun Without You,' has the band officially at the top of my list. In the whole tug-o-war between melody and balls it's a tie, thanks to the band's Everly-esque harmonies and classic 1970's AM radio pop. Cool and casual, The DeMos create a type of on-stage rock fervor that gets 'em squealin'. This is truly what pop music should sound like, and the new album seems more like a continuation than a progression or departure from the previous two. That's a good thing: it ain't broke, but it will definitely break hearts.' - Frank De Blase, Rochester City Newspaper.

1.1 I Gotta Know
1.2 Never Gonna Let You Go
1.3 You Don't Have My Love
1.4 Holding Me Down
1.5 Are You Into It?
1.6 She Lives in Pictures

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