Denean: Breath of Angels

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Artist: Denean

Artist: Denean
Title: Breath of Angels

Message and Blessing to you from the artist: 'Star Energy...from the Divine Immortal Realm manifesting itself in music...a form of communication that carries the vibration of Divine Harmony in the cosmic order. The single greatest need of our world today is inner silence the frantic activity of our minds. The energy generated by this 'frantic mind' keeps us bound to the ego self, deceived by it's illusions and separated from our true Self...our Divine Nature. The essence of this music is directed to furthering the listener to this inner quiet. It is obvious that each individual soul must do the work necessary to live and express from such a truly calm and peaceful heart. It requires personal commitment and unwavering devotion to a higher way of being...a vow to virtue. It is my prayer that this music may further you in that direction. So as you listen, may this music open pathways to higher states of awareness. May it create a bridge between your deepest knowing and the world of the unseen. May it help you to remember where you come from. May it help you to remember who you are...' Denean 'Denean's Breath of Angels mesmerizes me. The first time I heard it, I had to hear it right to the end. The piano made me feel as if I were surrounded by angels.' RAY VINELLA, VISUAL ARTIST.

1.1 My Heart
1.2 Open Awareness
1.3 Breath of Angels
1.4 Vow to Virtue
1.5 Dreamtime
1.6 Gabriel's Song
1.7 Words
1.8 Reflections of Life
1.9 To the Lost and Forgotten
1.10 New Paradigm
1.11 The Embrace of Change
1.12 Song for Israfel

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