Denean: Weaving

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Denean

Title: Weaving
Label: CD Baby

REVIEWS: 'Haunting and otherworldly, The Weaving showcases Denean's silken voice and musical talent. Full, warm, and often-times sounding as light as a crystal goblet, Denean's voice is a magical instrument, perfectly matched to the type of music she sings. The peaceful, placid melodies are evocative and stirring, the lyrics poetic and unifying. The Weaving is an album for those who want something more from their music, something which reflects the higher personal and spiritual values they have made a part of their lives.' RHONDA DICKSION- THE NEW TIMES 'Ravishing...Lyrically Luxurious...Enthusiastically Recommended'-CAROL WRIGHT-NAPRA REVIEW 'Refreshing, Soothing, Rejuvenating Album! This album was my first introduction to Denean and I was delighted! At first, I thought Denean was a group instead of a person for two reasons - one, the unusual name. But also, because this album has such a professional and plush quality that it seemed to be the work of a large team of creators and musicians. I'm sure the artist did have lots of folks on her 'team', but I was surprised how much of it she had done single-handedly. It doesn't sound like the work of an individual. OK, trying to be more informative now: This is a spiritual album. And while it doesn't make a lot of reference to any one religion, it has a very feminine feel. The vocals are female, and the undercurrents of the album are ocean-like and feminine. So I would definitely put it in the category of women's spirituality. The voice is very open and friendly. The comforting songs have lots of creative twists - both musically and vocally. There are flutterings of bird wings throughout the album - a surprisingly soothing and rejuvenating sound. And the album is pieced together with a clear beginning, middle and end to form a circular and complete spiritual/refreshening experience. I enjoy this album very much - particularly in the bathtub. It is incredible bath tub music. It's not all sound and feeling. These are very clear-cut 'songs'. But they flow together like water, and leave you feeling positively refreshed.' bethtexas (USA) 'New age at it's best, Denean echo's like an angel! To say that this CD has sounds as close to an angel as you'll ever get, is an understatement. Denean has a voice that equals or even surpasses that of the phenomenal Enya. Beautiful chorus like sounds with music that soothes the senses, Denean delivers a wonderful album full of the spirit of the southwest. Songs like 'Ray of Love' and 'Angels Calling Me' are magnificent, filled with passion and echoing with the inner soul. The Weaving will soon become one of your most treasured new age CD's, and you will listen again and again...simply breathtaking!' Daniel Siciliano (henderson, Nevada USA) 'I must say no other artist has touched me so deeply with words, music and voice. 'Eagle Fly' is a favorite 'Angels Calling Me' is another. Denean shares her faith with very relaxing, thoughtful messages. She is by far #1 on my list. I will buy everything she releases. J. Escher (USA)

1.1 Introduction
1.2 To the Children
1.3 Ray of Love
1.4 Angels Calling Me
1.5 Dance of the Winged Ones
1.6 The Weaving
1.7 Angels Calling Me (Segue)
1.8 Walking, Gently Walking
1.9 Dawn of Kosmon
1.10 We Are One
1.11 "Eagle Fly" Segue
1.12 Eagle Fly
1.13 The Return
1.14 Closing

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