Dennis Brown

Dennis Brown: Reggae Legends

$20.62 $23.98
Product Type: CD
Artist: Dennis Brown

Title: Reggae Legends
Label: VP Records

Introducing an exciting new project from VP Records entitled 'Reggae Legends'. Each volume of "Reggae Legends" will contain a four CD set featuring four albums from one artist at a great price! The first release features four albums from the legendary Dennis Brown the Dennis Brown set will contain the classic albums - 'Overproof' and 'Blazing' both produced by the Two Friends crew. Also, 'Limited Edition' and 'Nothing Like This' produced by Carlton Hines and Junior Reid respectively. Packaged in a striking deluxe box containing elements of the artwork of all four albums individually packed in separate slipcases.

1.1 There's Nothing Like This
1.2 Have You Ever Been in Love
1.3 Rock and Roll Lady
1.4 Danch Nah Keep - Dennis Brown, Junior Reid
1.5 Come Home
1.6 Slave Driver
1.7 Come Let Me Love You
1.8 Street Kid
1.9 Give Love a Chance
1.10 People of the World
1.11 It's Not a One Man Thing
2.1 Moving on
2.2 Here We Go Again
2.3 My Heart Cries
2.4 Fever - Dennis Brown, Maxi Priest, Shabba Ranks
2.5 Moonlight
2.6 Your Mamma
2.7 Not Another Minute
2.8 Hello
2.9 Never Gonna Give You Up
2.10 Those Lies
2.11 It's Impossible
2.12 Shepherd Be Careful - Dennis Brown, Cocoa Tea
2.13 Sherry - Dennis Brown, Brian ; Tony Gold
2.14 Hypocrite Corner - Dennis Brown, Brian ; Tony Gold
2.15 Sherry - Dennis Brown, Cocoa Tea
3.1 If You Want Me
3.2 Without Your Love
3.3 Orders to Shoot
3.4 This Is Your Night
3.5 Take Me Home
3.6 No More Walls
3.7 Where Is the Love
3.8 Freedom Fires
3.9 Bubbling Sweet Tonight
3.10 Night Like This
3.11 Poison - Dennis Brown, Brian ; Tony Gold
4.1 Young People
4.2 African Scientist
4.3 Dark Continent
4.4 Redemption
4.5 Vision
4.6 Nuclear Weapon - Dennis Brown, Glen Ricks
4.7 Dread Locks
4.8 Tuff Nut
4.9 Money, Money, Money
4.10 Motherland - Dennis Brown
4.11 Wha Kinda Ting Dat
4.12 Ship Is Sinking
4.13 Link Up
4.14 Lords Prayer

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