Dennis Doyle

Dennis Doyle: Irish Meditations

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Artist: Dennis Doyle

Artist: Dennis Doyle
Title: Irish Meditations

Dennis Doyle is a veteran performer on the Celtic harp at festivals around the world. Most of his music is of traditional Irish tunes, drawing from Celtic music ancient and new. He prefers the quiet, lovely tunes of O'Carolan, but also plays the tunes to ancient Gaelic love songs, old hymns, and some original pieces. 'Sometime while the listener was listening....Dennis Doyle grows. He's no longer a man on stage, he's the essence of centuries of Celtic culture..playing wondrous Gaelic music on the harp' -Irish Tribune (Los Angeles) 'a skillful interpreter of the Irish folk music, he so obviously loves..elegant harp work...exudes olde world charm..lilting melodies played with relaxed gracefulness' -Heartbeats 'How he manages to build a simple melody into a quietly majestic song is something that cannot be described in words, it must be heard' -California Traditional Music Society Journal (Los Angeles) 'Dennis Doyle plays the Celtic Harp as if he and the instrument were wedded...plays...with graceful and etherial charm..' -Dirty Linen Other musicians on the recording: Mark Romano - guitar Aubyn Biery - fiddle Paulette Gershen - tin whistle Karen Sperry - oboe Monty Abbot - percussion.

1.1 We Bring the Summer with Us/Southwind
1.2 Simple Gifts
1.3 My Lagan Love
1.4 Deirin de
1.5 Raglin Road
1.6 Believe Me, If All Those Endearing Young Charms
1.7 Maire Ni Eidhin
1.8 Ireland, I'll Not Say Her Name
1.9 Joseph ; Gentle Mary/Maguire's March
1.10 Sally Gardens
1.11 Star of the County Down
1.12 Ned of the Hill
1.13 Schoolhouse
1.14 Hymn to the Heart of Jesus
1.15 Princess Royal

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