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Dennis William Lee: Lee, Dennis William Trio : Somnambulist Love

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Title: Lee, Dennis William Trio : Somnambulist Love
Label: CD Baby

No stranger to the Canadian music scene, Dennis William Lee is a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose talents have brought him on numerous tours across the country and established him as a name to watch. He has turned heads playing guitar with reggae-punks Stepper, leading the avant-garde cult sensation Kids Eat Crayons, drumming with trad-ska institution General Rudie and composing for theatre and contemporary dance productions, as well as playing on countless sessions. The Trio, however, takes a step away from these other projects to make intimate, acoustic music. Formed in 2007 with jazz bassist Scott Kingsley (Kids Eat Crayons) and drummer/producer Andrew Mullin (Stepper), the group decided to take their time with the music and do it right; they spent a year fine-tuning their songs before hitting any stage or studio. The results are rooted in folk tradition, though not without their share of interesting shifts left of centre. While the songs are unique and steeped in progressive musical sensibilities they remain immediate and moving. In the fall of 2008, Dennis William Lee Trio recorded their debut album 'Somnambulist Love', funded in part by a grant from the Quebec Government. The album, featuring ten original songs, plus new artwork by photographer Angelina Dunn (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal) and graphic designer Kimiyo Nakatsui (New York City), was released in March, 2009.

1.1 Somnambulist Love
1.2 Bone Dry
1.3 One Lie
1.4 This Worthless Bliss
1.5 Grammar, Logic, Rhetoric
1.6 Living Meantime
1.7 Bodies in Motion (A Comparative Study of)
1.8 Posing
1.9 Speaking Voice
1.10 Secrets Are Not Ghosts and Ghosts Should Not Be Secrets

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