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Denny Breese: Days Gone By

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Artist: Denny Breese

Artist: Denny Breese
Title: Days Gone By

At a young age Denny was drawn to music. Over the years he experimented with many different instruments. These included; piano, drums, trumpet, and trombone but his main focus has always been the guitar. Denny started to play the guitar when he was 13 years old because his mom wanted him to learn an instrument. Denny decided to play the guitar because he thought guitars were cool, and idolized the guys who were rocking out with awesome solos and lead sections. The first songs Denny learned to play on the guitar were 'Stairway to Heaven' by Led Zeppelin and 'Under the Bridge' by Red Hot Chili Peppers. He kept playing and practicing, and performed several times throughout elementary school. While in high school Denny was inspired by Green Day, NOFX, Nirvana, and Metallica, and began playing their music. He has been playing ever since. After high school he bounced around to a few different colleges, but was never completely content. This discontentment eventually landed him at Avondale College in Australia in the year 2000. While it was surfing that was the main attraction to Australia, Denny's travels and interactions with the locals gave him a sense of meaning and direction. When he did finally return to the United States, five years had flown by, and Denny was completely transformed. He had achieved his BA degree, and he was married to an Aussie girl. Denny bought himself a new guitar and started playing and practicing like crazy. He said he got tired of playing everybody else's music and learning their songs. He thought, "Why not make my own music?" While reflecting on this Denny says, "The songs of other musicians never really stuck in my mind. I guess I have always gravitated toward creating my own chord progressions and licks." In 2004 with the help of multi- award winning Dale Willis, Denny co-produced his debut studio album "Found My Way." College friends, Jeremy Mead, and Jason Davis were accompanying musicians. This album is a mixture of relaxed acoustic rock songs which were all written by Denny Breese. Later that same year Denny started to record his second album. It is titled "Days Gone By". The album was named in memory of the many awesome days spent in Australia. The songs on the album are a collective reflection of experiences and foresights of what is to come later on in life. In comparison to the first album the listener will hear a slightly different sound, but the album is still acoustic rock-pop and features 2004 Australian finger-style champion Dale Willis as lead guitarist. Currently, Denny lives in Redlands, California. He spends his time writing and recording new material in preparation for a third album. Denny spends a great deal of time honing his skills on the guitar, and the craft of songwriting. Denny says the reason that he is a song writer is because; "Writing a song is my outlet of expression. It releases all of my feelings the world crams into my mind."

1.1 Don't Drag Me Down
1.2 Good to Be Loved
1.3 Days Gone By
1.4 Let It Be Easy
1.5 Took My Love
1.6 Dreamy Girl
1.7 Birds and the Bees
1.8 Harleys Here
1.9 Not on My Own
1.10 Mistreated

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