Denny Strickland: California Dreamin'

Denny Strickland: California Dreamin&
Title: California Dreamin'
Label: Red Star Label Group

2018 release. Denny Strickland has emerged as a unique voice within the country music genre. He has cultivated a style that celebrates honesty and complex emotion, rooting all of his music in personal experience and memories both good and bad. Fusing his Arkansas country roots with a deep love for West Coast culture and aesthetic, Denny has found a way to create music that simultaneously feels like a throwback to the male country singers of the past and an examination of modern culture and romantic expression.

1.1 California Dreamin'
1.2 Whatever
1.3 Slo Mo
1.4 Don't You Wanna
1.5 We Don't Sleep
1.6 Damn Babe
1.7 Gimme Some of That
1.8 Robbed the Bank
1.9 End Up Like This
1.10 Close My Eyes
1.11 Close My Eyes (Acoustic)

Denny Strickland: California Dreamin'

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