Deno Marquee: As-Is

Deno Marquee: As-Is
Title: As-Is
Label: CD Baby

Deno Marquee started playing guitar at the late age of 18, but was immediately smitten with the musical bug. Many failed attempts at starting a band kept him yearning for his own musical direction. After a bit of a musical soul searching he finally felt at home with the intimate feel and sound of the acoustic guitar. Finally over the years his music was taking shape and people began to take notice. With the encouragement of family and many friends he began to take his music a bit more seriously. He then enlisted the help of fellow musician and friend Isaac Saldivar to add some flare with the Djembe and various percussion. Deno describes his love for music as such.... 'When I first starting writing and performing music i knew i wanted it to be my life's work. Some people wish to save lives as a surgeon, some to explore the vast regions of space, some to grace the silver screen, but i just wanted to make pretty sounds. So as i began to develop these sounds, i fell more in love with it. Until here you are today visiting my page and listening to my 'pretty sounds.' When Listening to Deno Marquee's music, each track is a different journey. The highly descriptive lyrics tell tales of love in it's most beautiful of times, as well as it's most darkest of times. Stories of beautiful hypnotic hitch-hikers, extra terrestrial beings, dark dreams, and the full circles of what it means to be in a relationship. There is something for everyone and every emotion. Rather it be a wildly fantasized story to allow the listener to escape into a new world, or a cool and calm melody to relax your mind and just listen... It can all be found in one place.

1.1 Never Enough
1.2 Home
1.3 Hypnotized
1.4 In the Morning
1.5 Wanna Go High
1.6 Barely Human
1.7 Flowers in Her Hair

Deno Marquee: As-Is

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