Depeche Mode

Depeche Mode: Broken Frame: Collector's Edition

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Depeche Mode

Artist: Depeche Mode
Title: Broken Frame: Collector's Edition

Out of print in the U.S. Digitally remastered two disc (CD + PAL/Region 2 DVD) edition of the British Synthpop band's 1982 album. The CD features the 2007 digital remaster of the original album. The DVD contains a DTS 5.1 mix of the album plus bonus audio tracks and a mini-documentary on the making of the album, the album features 'The Meaning of Love', 'See You', 'Leave in Silence' and more.

1.1 Leave in Silence
1.2 My Secret Garden
1.3 Monument
1.4 Nothing to Fear
1.5 See You
1.6 Satellite
1.7 The Meaning of Love
1.8 A Photograph of You
1.9 Shouldn't Have Done That
1.10 The Sun and the Rainfall
1.11 Leave in Silence
1.12 My Secret Garden
1.13 Monument
1.14 Nothing to Fear
1.15 See You
1.16 Satellite
1.17 The Meaning of Love
1.18 A Photograph of You
1.19 Shouldn't Have Done That
1.20 The Sun and the Rainfall
1.21 My Secret Garden
1.22 See You
1.23 Satellite
1.24 Nothing to Fear
1.25 The Meaning of Love
1.26 A Photograph of You
1.27 Now This Is Fun
1.28 Oberkorn (It's a Small Town)
1.29 Excerpt from: My Secret Garden
1.30 Leave in Silence
1.31 My Secret Garden
1.32 Monument
1.33 Nothing to Fear
1.34 See You
1.35 Satellite
1.36 The Meaning of Love
1.37 A Photograph of You
1.38 Shouldn't Have Done That
1.39 The Sun and the Rainfall
1.40 My Secret Garden
1.41 See You
1.42 Satellite
1.43 Nothing to Fear
1.44 The Meaning of Love
1.45 A Photograph of You (Live in Hammersmith)
1.46 Depeche Mode: 1982 (The Beginning of Their So-Called Dark Phase)

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