Dephrase: Gloom Bap

Dephrase: Gloom Bap
Title: Gloom Bap
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: VINYL LP

Gloom Bap is a collection of sonic oddities Dephrase has juggled for the last year or so. The entire collection consists of 7 tracks each taking you to a different part of the fruit punch Atari rainforest river. While this is a very eclectic and playful body of work, there is bitter and somber amongst the sweet. Daniel Babai is the classy creative behind the moniker "Dephrase". Dan is a skilled musician that can also boast his experience behind of some very high-end consoles. His music sounds like it's been sampled from old vintage recordings, but all his sounds are in fact original.

1.1 Bad Attitude (Intro)
1.2 Space Funeral
1.3 Kalimbasa
1.4 Cello Underneath
1.5 Underwater Cassette
1.6 Old Brita Filter
1.7 Here Before Us

Dephrase: Gloom Bap

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