Depth Affect

Depth Affect: Draft Battle

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Depth Affect

Title: Draft Battle
Label: Autres Directions

The story of Depth Affect began with the new millenium in the suburbs of Nantes - France. In the room of two highschool pupils, the Beach boys', RZA's or Autechre's LPs were gradually replaced by keyboards and laptops.

1.1 A Million Buzzing Locust
1.2 Unsult
1.3 Matter of Tempo
1.4 Sugar Honey Iced Tea
1.5 Oil Rig Heli Pad
1.6 Draft Battle
1.7 I Guess
1.8 Dämmerung
1.9 Ten Devils
1.10 Club and Maces
1.11 Rivage Barbare

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