Derek Clark

Derek Clark: I Will Never Give Up

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Derek Clark

Title: I Will Never Give Up
Label: CD Baby

1.1 I Wanna Be a Kid
1.2 Preface
1.3 Wife's Acknowledgement
1.4 My Dedication
1.5 I Will Never Give Up
1.6 My Sad Early Life
1.7 Your Life Is the Attitude Found in Your Heart
1.8 Why I Wrote This Book
1.9 It Is Not My Fault
1.10 The Goodbye
1.11 My Life As a 5 Year Old Through the Eyes of An Adult
1.12 Words That Kill the Spirit
1.13 A Newe Foster Home on a Farm
1.14 An Angry Kid
1.15 Many Thanks to My Foster Parents
1.16 The Worth of a Soul
1.17 A Little Boy's Nightmare
1.18 Lost in Religion, Does God Love Me
1.19 Popping a Pill
1.20 Child Abuse
1.21 My Music Is My Therapy
1.22 Death Is Real
1.23 Face Your Fears, Fight Your Fears
1.24 Dreams Give You the Wings
1.25 Will It!
1.26 Procrastinate or Pro-Activate
1.27 Father to Son
1.28 Stories of Triumph
1.29 In Closing

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