Derrick Mueller

Derrick Mueller: When I Look Back I Laugh

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Derrick Mueller

Title: When I Look Back I Laugh
Label: CD Baby

Laughter is Medicine to the Soul! Strap on your seat belt and prepare to take a journey through life, from childhood mishaps, teen insecurities, to adult fears and bloopers. Experience over 90 minutes of laughter in this "Live" Special 10th anniversary edition of "When I look back I Laugh". This story telling comedy is therapy to the Soul. With a mixture of Bill Cosby, Tim Allen and Corner Gas and the values of Seventh Heaven all rolled into one, it is sure to entertain all. Based on the Book of the same name and weekly articles published throughout Western Canada; "When I Look Back and Laugh" has entertained audiences since 1998 at dinner theatres, conferences and special events with it's simplicity and hilarious look at the simple things of life. "You won't know whether to laugh, cry or take notes." For your free "When I Look back and laugh" event kit or for booking information: Contact dmueller@ebcollege. or by calling 519-894-8900. Or write: BIO Derrick Mueller makes his home in Kitchener, Ontario Canada, where he is currently the president of Emmanuel Bible College. Dr. D as he is affectionately known by is a writer, teacher, speaker, and humorist who loves life. He holds degrees in counseling, communication, leadership and family studies. He is been married for over 26 years to Laurie and together they have four children. He offers a perspective on life that all age groups can relate to. As a radio a television personality he has been seen and heard across the country. Mueller hosts a weekly radio program called "Lives changing Lives" and can be heard each weekday morning over the airways giving a one minute leadership thought. His dramatic, personal and engaging style challenges and engages the heart. Derrick's versatility, personal story and broad experience have made him a sought out speaker for many different occasions.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Best Therapy
1.3 Huzzlefunting
1.4 Parents Are Liars
1.5 Hot Dogs
1.6 Mom Visits
1.7 Looking for a Super Hero
1.8 Green Stretchy Pants
1.9 Telephone Antics
1.10 Dating
1.11 Cook Improvements
1.12 Ninja Salad
1.13 Making Turkey
1.14 Godzilla's Offspring
1.15 Wanting to Give Up
1.16 Nervous Son-In-Law
1.17 The Wedding
1.18 Ironing Board Magic
1.19 Marriage
1.20 A Baby
1.21 The Journey
1.22 Contact Info

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