Design: Design / Tomorrow Is So Far Away

Design: Design / Tomorrow Is So Far Away
Artist: Design
Title: Design / Tomorrow Is So Far Away

Digitally remastered two-fer containing the first two albums from the British Pop outfit. Shimmering Sunshine Pop harmonies with a folk and hippy Psychedelic twist, the UK six piece boy/girl vocal group's sound came closest to the US Fifth Dimension. Other musical comparisons at the time were also made to Free Design, Mamas and Papas and the Groop. They recorded five LPs and 13 singles between 1970-1976. The first LP was released in the US first giving them early international profile. None of the recordings have ever been reissued or on CD, in the main because the copyrights were hidden away in an independent company which dissolved. RPM. 2011.

1.1 Coloured Mile
1.2 Willow Stream
1.3 Marguaretta
1.4 The Lonely
1.5 Thinkin'
1.6 Matchbox Man
1.7 The Minstrel's Theme
1.8 Speak
1.9 Buttercup Stranger
1.10 Children of the Mist
1.11 Dawn Chorus
1.12 Take a Boat
1.13 Celestina
1.14 Strawberry Fields Forever
1.15 Sad Fisherman
1.16 Jennifer No One
1.17 The Time Has Come
1.18 The Jet Song (When the Weekend's Over)
1.19 Ladybird Don't Fly
1.20 Tomorrow Is So Far Away
1.21 Butterfly Catcher
1.22 Love Is
1.23 Man We Was Lonely

Design: Design / Tomorrow Is So Far Away

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