Desiree Apolonio Bassett

Desiree Apolonio Bassett: Power & Force

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Artist: Desiree Apolonio Bassett
Title: Power & Force

Desiree\' Apolonio Bassett - A 16 year old guitar prodigy from Connecticut. Desiree\' has been playing guitar since age three, and has shared the stage with some of the greatest musicians of all time; Sammy Hager & the Wabos, the Marshall Tucker Band, Kal David,Andy Aledort, Allman Brothers Band mates,Living Colour. Desiree\' is primarily a rock guitarist who can play anything she hears. Desiree\' has been performing in live situations since age eight, and has been composing her own music since age ten. With perfect pitch and the ability to adapt to any style of music, Desiree\' has been compared to the great Jimi Hendrix and Joe Satriani. Taught to play by her dad at an early age, Desiree\' has futured her knowledge and love of music threw formal education; taking college level courses since age eight. Now a sensation on youtube and myspace, Desiree\' is known on every continent and has three fan clubs. Desiree\' is an honor student in a normal high school situation and runs two bands, she constantly practices and writes new music forever trying to improve and better herself. Music and a passion for sharing and helping others is what drives Desiree\' Desiree\' is a featured artist in the july 2007 Guitar Player magizine at 14 years old and a featured artist on Sonicbids. You can also see Desiree\' on Youtube,Facebook and Myspace. Rock on !

1.1 Crystal Waters
1.2 Power ; Force
1.3 Aurora
1.4 Another Day
1.5 Broken Machine
1.6 Thru It All
1.7 Solo Tribute
1.8 Pulse
1.9 Never Back Down
1.10 Autumn Dreams
1.11 Love Her
1.12 Fretboards on Fire

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