Desmond Pringle

Desmond Pringle: Fidelity

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Artist: Desmond Pringle

Artist: Desmond Pringle
Title: Fidelity

Desmond Pringles golden tenor can be heard on some of the finest recordings in recent times. After a six-year recording hiatus, Pringle is back on the scene with the uplifting tune, "Can't Even Imagine," the first radio single from his first and forthcoming debut CD, FIDELITY.

1.1 Until It Rains
1.2 Can't Even Imagine [Radio Version] [Version]
1.3 Get in the Word
1.4 Umerited Favor
1.5 Faithful
1.6 Command Your Morning
1.7 Prelude: Nip It in the Blood
1.8 Nip It in the Blood
1.9 Fidelity
1.10 The Latter Is Greater
1.11 Get the Word on It
1.12 Can't Even Imagine [Album Version] [Version]

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