Despair: Decay of Humanity

Despair: Decay of Humanity
Title: Decay of Humanity
Label: Punishment 18 Records

Decay Of Humanity - Despair - Only active from 1986 to 1993 DESPAIR brought their own version of high speed Technical Thrash Metal which brought two Demos two EPs and three Full Length records, though a short run the band is still recognized as an inspiration to many bands as well as being a band favored by the underground.

1.1 Decay of Humanity 5:49
1.2 Cry for Liberty 4:57
1.3 Delusion 4:54
1.4 Victims of Vanity 6:02
1.5 A Distant Territory 5:18
1.6 Silent Screaming 4:46
1.7 Radiated 4:33
1.8 Satanic Verses 1:54

Despair: Decay of Humanity

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