Destroy This Place

Destroy This Place: Resurrect the Mammoth

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Product Type: VINYL LP

Artist: Destroy This Place
Title: Resurrect the Mammoth
Product Type: VINYL LP

A four-headed monster. Loud. As. Fuck. Like Fugazi playing 70s power-pop, weaned on thrash metal, hip-hop cassettes, and indie-rock's heyday of 7" inch singles and Magnet Magazine. Destroy This Place are four beautiful men in their 30s, with responsibilities and respectable bedtimes. Yet they play like they're the best band in your high school, and they want this year's dance to be one to remember. All they want to do is crush other bands. They will succeed.

1.1 Safe to Say
1.2 Fortunate Blood
1.3 Exhausted
1.4 All That Glitters
1.5 Ignore It
1.6 Pioneers
1.7 Rifled
1.8 Hold Tights
1.9 I'm Not for Everybody
1.10 Life Is Hard

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