Destroying Angel

Destroying Angel: Conversations With Their Holy Guardian Angels

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Artist: Destroying Angel
Title: Conversations With Their Holy Guardian Angels
Product Type: VINYL LP

Limited vinyl LP pressing. Philadelphia's Destroying Angel incorporate synths, piano, violin, samples, bass/guitar and percussion into their folk-y mix, bringing together their love of ‘60s acid folk/rock and post punk/industrial music to create something both dark, but beautiful and uplifting. Recorded by Sean Ragon (Cult Of Youth) and features David E. Williams.

1.1 Oil Town
1.2 Paralyzed
1.3 Lindsay's Song (Red Sea)
1.4 Kill Age Boys
1.5 Wall of Ice
1.6 Pigs in the End
1.7 Idle Hands
1.8 Stumbled Through the Years
1.9 Drowning Man

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