Deva Premal: Songs for the Sangha

Deva Premal: Songs for the Sangha
Title: Songs for the Sangha
Label: White Swan

2015 release. Songs for the Sangha is an exploration of fresh musical terrain for these beloved devotional musicians – a collection of ancient Indian texts sung with effortless artistry by Deva Premal, coupled with Miten’s sensual reggae grooves that pulse and weave beneath spiritually inspired anthems. Add classical Indian bamboo courtesy of renowned Nepalese bansuri maestro and vocalist Manose, the rock solid foundation of producer Joby Baker’s bass and drums and UK keyboard wizard Spencer Cozens’ jazz-inflected acoustic piano contributions and there, in a nutshell, is the new album. Surrounding themselves with three such fine and diverse musicians, Deva and Miten have transformed their music into what is essentially a musical magic carpet ride, played exquisitely by an elegant five-piece band. Deva and Miten have been partners in life and music for over 20 years and are widely recognized as the pioneers of Western mantra singing, providing millions of people worldwide with the musical soundtrack for their yoga practice and meditation.

1.1 Parameshwara Mantra / Deep in Love
1.2 Sarveshaam Mantra
1.3 Ganapati Mantra / Strong My Roots
1.4 Karuna
1.5 Brahma Gayatri Mantra
1.6 Guru Mantra
1.7 Draw Near Draw Near

Deva Premal: Songs for the Sangha

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