Devi 2000

Devi 2000: Devotional

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Devi 2000

Title: Devotional
Label: CD Baby

Devi 2000 represents a new, authentic moment in American Kirtan. Led by singer/composer/harmonium player Debi Buzil, Devi 2000 owns it's lineage and inspirations, not only from kirtan pioneers like Krishna Das, but from a range of flavors such as roots reggae, new jazz, Irish jig, and folk-rock. Devi 2000's debut CD Devotional features special guest performances by kirtan artists Dave Stringer and David 'Durga Das' Newman, the up-and-coming neo-folksinger Andrea Bunch, Poi Dog Pondering violinist Susan Voelz, jazz flutist Nikki Mitchell, and drummer Gary DeMichele. Core group members Kenny Dread and Steve Emmerman multi-task as guitarists, singers and producers, and the full sound of a kirtan response chorus is provided by members of the Chicago satsang, a spiritual community grown out of yoga centers, kirtan concerts and trance dance events. Devi 2000 is Chicago's premier kirtan group, central to a vibrant chanting scene developed over the last five years with monthly performances at Moksha Yoga Center. Deep reverence, a sense of ritual, and ecstatic peaks of singing and dancing are the vibe at a Devi 2000 kirtan. Devotional is Devi 2000'soffering to the yoga and kirtan community, and to all those who follow the path of bhakti yoga, the yoga of devotion. Reaching out to the dance and chillout scene, Devi 2000 has also released Prepare Your Soul To Dance, a full-length CD of Devotional tracks remixed by producers including Preston Klik, Radiohiro and The Alchemist. Jai Ma!

1.1 Ganesha Sharanam
1.2 Hare Krishna
1.3 Bhajamana Ma
1.4 Ram
1.5 Camp Ma Rama
1.6 Bismillah
1.7 Forces
1.8 Kali Ma
1.9 Om Namah Shivaya

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