Devin the Dude

Devin the Dude: Acoustic Levitation

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Artist: Devin the Dude

Artist: Devin the Dude
Title: Acoustic Levitation

Devin the Dude is a verifiable legend. Hailing from the rich rap city of Houston, TX. Devin first made a name for himself in the late 90's and 00's with a slew of releases that were beloved by the underground and mainstream alike, leading him to work with the upper echelon of rap from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Outkast, DJPremier, Scarface, and many more. On this release, Acoustic Levitation, Devin continues with his signature laid back flow tinged with smoke-filled references, relationships, and his life. Acoustic Levitation is Devin's first studio album since 2013's "One for the Road" making his return into the marketplace, and bringing his unique sound back to his die-hard fans who have been waiting for a new album.

1.1 Can I
1.2 Are You Goin' My Way (Feat. Tony Mac ; Lisa Luv)
1.3 Please Pass That to Me
1.4 We Hight Right Now (Feat. Rob Quest ; Jugg Mugg)
1.5 Be (Feat. Tony Mac)
1.6 Acoustic Levitation
1.7 I'm in the Galaxy (Feat. Roe Hummin)
1.8 Tonight
1.9 Apartment #8216
1.10 It's Cold in Here
1.11 Due Yo Thang
1.12 Don't Get Naked
1.13 You Know I Wantcha!
1.14 Do You Love Gettin' High

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