Devin Webb

Devin Webb: Fly

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Devin Webb

Title: Fly
Label: CD Baby

Released in 2002 & Devin's sophomore solo project, Fly seems to give us some insight into the heart & mind of a maturing artist. It can't be coincidence that the chorus of the title track (which was co-written by Webb) reads, "Fly...Spread my wings & fly...Soaring with my heart...I know I won't be denied..." With a couple of other songs co-written by Webb & being that he co-produced the project (with Steve Griffith), one might think that this was his first attempt at making a statement. Although he knows what he is best at doing, there are definite glimpses of creative freedom being experienced. Like his previous recording, the songs are all over the map stylistically. Which is refreshing, especially in an age where most CDs have the same sound on every song. The power pop songs ("Your Love for Me" & "All I Need") have tremendous energy & you can't help but envision yourself cruising with the top down & the music blaring. The power ballad "When We Cross the River" speaks of hope beyond this life & is sung with irrefutable conviction. There is a token moody song ("God of All Creation") & one full-on rock tune ("Break it Down") which is a little bit of a stretch for the typically silky, pure-toned vocalist. The "4-on-the-floor" tempo in the verses of "Holy Father" is so contagious that you can help but bounce along to the beat. The album concludes with what you know in your heart he was born to sing: A tender, contemplative ballad ("From This Moment On/On Mountains High"). The simplicity of the piano/vocal production & the lush strings that enter halfway through the song only enhance & compliment his voice. Once again, Webb delivers an album worth listening to (not without help from his compadre, Michael Neale). From beginning to end, the songs are strong & you won't find yourself skipping through the tracks to find the good ones.

1.1 When We Cross the River
1.2 Your Love for Me
1.3 God of All Creation
1.4 Fly
1.5 Break It Down
1.6 Holy Fountain
1.7 Even the Angels
1.8 All I Need
1.9 I Believe
1.10 From This Moment On/On Mountains High

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