Devonsquare: Walking on Ice

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Artist: Devonsquare

Artist: Devonsquare
Title: Walking on Ice

Twenty three years is a long time. Most third world governments won't last this long, not to mention musical groups. For the last twenty three years these three talented singer songwriters from Maine ( Alana MacDonald, Tom Dean, Herb Ludwig ) have toured the US and Europe as well as releasing five CD's. A devoted fan base follows these three musicians from coast to coast to hear the shimmering three part harmonies and award winning songs that have earned them an international reputation. They are commonly referred to as the #1 vocal group on the contemporary-folk music circuit. .. In 1988, Atlantic Records chairman Ahmet Ertegun heard them and signed them immediately to his record company. Their CD 'Walking On Ice' was released to critical acclaim in 1988. It's title track reached the Top 20 on the national AC charts and was a breakthrough NAC hit. They immediately began work on their next CD 'Bye Bye Route 66' which was released in January 1992. This CD spawned the singles 'If You Could See Me Now' and 'Bye Bye Route 66' which received rave reviews from radio and print media. It also earned them a nomination for 'Best New Act' at the 1992 Boston Music Awards. ..From the folk clubs in the sixties and seventies to the major label debut in 1988 on Atlantic Records, this group known for their exceptional songwriting and stunning vocal harmonies has never stopped growing. This band has a lot to sing about and a great way of singing it.

1.1 Walking on Ice
1.2 Black Africa
1.3 Caffe Lena
1.4 World Without Walls
1.5 Chinalight
1.6 Straightaway
1.7 The Sandman
1.8 Las Vegas Brides
1.9 Elevator Man
1.10 Just Like Paradise

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