Dexr: I Do Believe

Dexr: I Do Believe
Title: I Do Believe
Label: CD Baby

Artist, producing'art rock.' Dex plays guitar, keyboards, a little drums and sings. He was influenced by his grandmother to learn piano at an early age. He would always say, 'ever since I first started playing music, I could see things and images in my mind, while playing or listening to music'. Dex also learned guitar at a young age, after listening to lots of rock music, with his peers. 'My dad converted our garage into a room, where we set up some drums, and guitar amps; We used to party hard and rock out'. Dex grew up listening to bands like: Black Sabbath, ZZTop, Led Zeppelin, Rush, ELP, Genesis, Pink Floyd and many others. 'Eventhough I was greatly influenced by rock music, I like a lot of other styles, as long as it's good music'.

1.1 Frustrated
1.2 The Dragon's Coming
1.3 Twilight
1.4 Heavenly Voices
1.5 Sexy Lies
1.6 The Visions We Hold
1.7 Fly Right in Between
1.8 Shine the Light
1.9 Can I Really Love You
1.10 I Do Believe

Dexr: I Do Believe

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