Dez & Cindy (Formerly Known as Atria)

Dez & Cindy (Formerly Known as Atria): Celebrate

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Title: Celebrate
Label: CD Baby

Once upon a time there was a Deacon (Dez) and a Doctor (Cindy), who were married for 27years and counting. They both had the gift of music and others who heard them, encouraged them to record their music. They have been writing, sharing, recording, and producing music for over 23 years. What kind of music? Just keep reading: Their music inspires and promotes healing, transformation, and conversion. In one listener's words, "I could feel the passion in their music, it is difficult to explain; it pierced my soul... I was crying and moved to change my way of life. This was 10 years ago that I first heart them and I am still inspired forward in peace." Another fan writes, "The CD's do not do this duo justice, if you want the full effect of their music you have to see them live... they are radiant with emotion. Their music is just so inspiring and authentic." Their music is best described as 'Eclectic' because you hear a variety of Genre's throughout each CD - Christian, Contemporary, Inspirational, Prayerful, Meditative, Easy Listening, Soft Rock, Gospel... Their love for the magnificent beauty of Alaska and nature in general as well as working with the "Young" church and being moved by their faith and life journey music has inspired the writing and recording of five music CD's. Through their ministry they have traveled to numerous places spreading the Gospel from Alaska to Florida, to Canada and Australia. Dez and Cindy have a profound love for their Catholic faith and find that spreading/sharing their faith through music and song is just one way they are able to live out their baptismal call. The Deacon (Dez) and the Doctor (Cindy) have a truly unique and emotive style of music that is shared through an amazing ministry where they utilize their music to promote healing; healing at the deepest level of our human composition, our soul.

1.1 Celebrate
1.2 Do You Believe
1.3 Sometimes
1.4 I Want to Come Home
1.5 Lord! Lord!
1.6 I Need You Lord
1.7 Jesus Is the Way
1.8 It Wasn't Long Ago
1.9 Jesus
1.10 This One's for You

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