Di: Blue Skies-Dis Atomic Pop

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Artist: Di

Title: Blue Skies-Dis Atomic Pop
Label: CD Baby

About Di Di is a very powerful and very special new artist who is generating a great deal of respect from all who have heard her perform. If you're ready for a different style and sound then you should find Di's 'Blue Skies' Atomic Pop album very interesting. There is no one out there today quite like 'Di', she has her very own set of signatures, unlike much of the 'Copy, Paste and Clone' homogenization that seems to have spread into the music industry by some major labels afraid of taking a chance on pioneering new frontiers with any new artists and styles. Di's 'happy-go-lucky' spirit, sincere 'true' character and her influence on teenagers is 'really cool'. Along with Di's unique character comes a constant flow of trend setting styles that have caused frequent traffic jams with original self expression and 'Missy' hasn't lost a beat with her introduction of striking Blue Hair-(back cover of her CD) to challenge certain Label's to keep it 'real', so keep an eye out for the 'Copy Kats'. 'Di?, Oh Yah!...while our vibe is classic 'Stones' and classic 'Who', we really encourage this girl, we heard that power and range.' (KLOS FM, Los Angeles, CA) 'Wow what a great album! I can't wait to play it on my show tonight.' Rocco's Playlist/KRVM/KWVA Eugene, OR 'Di's 'Lady Luck' sounded great.' Shonan Beach FM (78.9MHz), Hayama Marina, Japan 'What a great voice' RNL102, Dublin, Ireland Adopted at less than a month old into an eventually abusive family, Di never got to know her real parents. To escape the trauma around her she began singing and playing her guitar at the age of 5 and was also operatically trained in her early years and performing at the age of 9. Feeling some of the limitations of this style of music Di began to form her own style, using some of the difficult vocal techniques she learned along the way. The underlying emotional reactions from much of the trauma she fought as a youth comes out in some of her songs. Di is a most special and unusual person as she is as close to a true 'Empath' (One who feels and tries to ease the pain of others), as one could possibly imagine, and these emotions come out very powerfully in her songs. This was never more present that when she sang 'Remembrance' (Track 1 on her album) for a packed crowd of over 30,000 in Palm Springs, Ca., on July 4th, 2001. 'Remembrance' eventually came to be a very prophetic song for Di, as she sang it 'Live' she sensed a troublesome forthcoming event, one that would take place months later on September 11, 2001. Scheduled to tour Ireland from September 4th to the 12th, Di was confronted with her disturbing premonition of something not right head-on when arriving at the airport in Ireland and hearing the news of Sept. 11th. 'Remembrance' powers home a renewed Spirit of Patriotism that earned it the honor of being played as a 'theme' for the WTC relief efforts and earned Di notoriety and an invitation to perform at the White House. Di's other songs on her 'Blue Skies' 'Atomic Pop' Album pioneer a unique style with a powerful high energy sound combining the raw energy of the 'Woodstock' era with modern composition for the totally young at heart. Her song 'Children of Ireland' (Track 7) is a ballad and shows off her softness and beauty in her voice. It was written after her trip to Ireland with her husband, TV Actor, Producer and Guitar player on her album, Bob Schott, known as 'Robin Hood of the Seas', for his controversial claim in the Pacific Ocean. 'Children of Ireland' was written for a very special young teenage girl Di met in a quaint little village of Ireland. Her song 'Lady Luck' (Track 8) is in a totally different category, originally written for a TV series on gambling, 'Lady Luck' has a feel of a James Bond style theme with a very romantic, but macabre feel to the words. Her song '# 1 Country Girl from the City' (Track 3) was written after she was left stranded in Tennessee by an unscrupulous Elvis impersonator who conned her out of the last monies she had left, supposedly to make money at an 'Elvis' tribute, leaving her abandoned with only $5 and no way back to California. A kind hearted trucking supervisor arranged a safe ride for her back with a couple of good-hearted truck drivers delivering hot water heaters to the West Coast. Riding along in their Volvo 18 wheeler, Di borrowed a guitar owned by the driver and wrote '# 1 Country Girl from the City'. While the song mentions 'Dollywood', named for Dolly Parton, whom Di has admired for years, Di sent a special personal letter and courtesy copy of her CD to Dolly, but sadly, never received a response. The song which is one of the closest to Di's heart is 'Daisy May' (Track # 6), as it was written during very hard times having to hock her 12 string guitar (her 'baby') she loved the most, named 'Daisy', just to survive, but luckily still ended up on her new album. Not using all of the copy and paste tactics the 'Pro Tools' technicians of today feel the need to use, all of the songs on Di's Blue Skies 'Atomic Pop' album are totally different, they have unique builds and very little, if any, 'repeating' verses, something almost unheard of in music of today or yesterday. The chord changes in 'Runway Lights' (Track 5) are too many to mention and go on unconsciously, and Di sings the middle chorus in Spanish and French, giving 'Runway Lights' a unique International flavor to it. Di has the power, emotion, and unleashed energy of the late 'Janis Joplin', awesome mid range power of a Grace Slick, Annie Wilson or a Cher, combined with the softness and quality of a Karen Carpenter with the range of Celine Dion and Mariah Carey, but comparisons of her to others stop when one hears her perform. Her power, emotion and range are very evident in the full length 5 minute Palm Springs version of 'Remembrance' and '# 1 Country Girl from the City'. Di is all real in every sense, bringing back the shear energy, emotion and power that existed before music became computerized and homogenized. Di's music is positive and unique. Not abusing or even needing technical 'overdubbing' to beef up her voice, Di is definitely no Copy, Clone or Paste'. Many have said after hearing Di perform, that 'there's a New Sheriff' in town'. Hope you enjoy something different from a little girl with a big heart who fought all the odds and won... Welcome to 'Di's' 'Atomic Pop'!

1.1 Remembrance - Live from Palm Springs, Ca
1.2 Blue Skies
1.3 # 1 Country Girl from the City
1.4 I Know You're Out There
1.5 Runway Lights
1.6 Daisy May
1.7 Children of Ireland
1.8 Lady Luck
1.9 Stay True
1.10 Got to Have You

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