Diamond Joe Siddons

Diamond Joe Siddons: Smokin' in Public

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Title: Smokin' in Public
Label: CD Baby

Born in San Antonio Texas on March 26 1950 Joe was moved to Dallas 2 years later. 1971, Joe moves to Austin. 1957 his mother takes him to the Cotton Bowl to see Elvis, Joe is changed for ever. Joe buys a 1960 Fender Duo Sonic and moves to Austin, never to look back. Over the next ten years he hones his skills as guitarist singer songwriter playing with many who became the stars of today. 1983 Joe moves to New York City. He mostly plays as a sideman not fronting his own band again until the late '90's. Joe had swore he wouldn't run a band again because of all the responsibility but the desire to do his original material and have artistic control won out. The 2005 release of "Wasted Dayze and Twisted Nights" was the first recording done in a studio was the first he liked after many efforts. Now the release of "Smokin' In Public" is proving to be the CD that Joe has needed for a long time. The acceptance of the new CD is amazing! Everybody is talking about "Smokin' In Public".

1.1 Lovin' Cup
1.2 Whose Been Talkin'
1.3 Hwy 49
1.4 As the Years Go Passin' By
1.5 Comin' Home
1.6 Use Me
1.7 Things I Used to Do
1.8 I Wana Love You
1.9 Listen Here

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