Diamond Youth: Nothing Matters

Diamond Youth: Nothing Matters
Title: Nothing Matters
Label: Topshelf Records
Product Type: VINYL LP

In a scene noted for being under the mainstream alternative radar, Diamond Youth has shown itself to be surprising sleepers. A quartet built of members from Baltimore, Chicago, and Richmond, the group has only managed to release a number of short EPs filled with their 90's vibes and fueled alternative rock. Decidedly more accessible than some of the work of their Topshelf Records label mates, the group remains merely a small force within the current pop punk/emo framework. After years of using their high quality EPs to attract fans within the scene, the band's debut full-length, Nothing Matters, spells itself as another step in the band's progress. While it is a short release, this album facilitates the evolution of a band that has built great potential behind them.

1.1 Nothing Matters
1.2 Thought I Had It Right
1.3 Spinning
1.4 Far Away from Earth
1.5 Succulent
1.6 In the Clouds
2.1 Riptide
2.2 No Control
2.3 The Nothing
2.4 Deep Love
2.5 The Difference

Diamond Youth: Nothing Matters

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