Diana Darby

Diana Darby: Magdalene Laundries

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Product Type: CD
Artist: Diana Darby

Title: Magdalene Laundries
Label: CD Baby

A stunningly beautiful bare bones folk album, done in an exquisitely delicate and unadorned style which gains tremendous strength from it's splendidly stark no-frills simplicity. Diana Darby's breathy, hushed, whispery voice, a ghostly and arresting soprano of incredibly immediate fragility, cuts right to the heart with gut-wrenching directness. The gorgeously spare and shivery, yet still tuneful arrangements create a sound that's both undeniably spooky and achingly lovely. The amazingly dark and despairing lyrics likewise pack a lingeringly eerie punch. A truly haunting and impressively off-beat one-of-a-kind oddity-jerseybeat.com.

1.1 Skin
1.2 Bring Me All the Rabbits
1.3 Let Her Run Free
1.4 The Murder
1.5 I'm Wishing You Bluebirds
1.6 Kierkegaard
1.7 Black Swan
1.8 Pretty Flowers
1.9 No Leaving Now
1.10 Maryanne

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